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Afro Circus/ I Like To Move It:


Afro Circus Full Song - Madagascar 3

Jared Lynskey

Afro Circus Clip | MADAGASCAR 3

Peacock Kids

Afro Circus/I Like To Move It

Chris Rock - Topic

Afro Circus - Shalomteck Fast & Slowed DANZ EDIT | TikTok


Afro Circus TikTok Remix 1 Hour Shalomteck - Afro Circus

Fre3 Fly

Afro Circus Remix TikTok Shalomteck - Afro Circus 10 Minutes Loop

Fre3 Fly

Afro Circus Remix | MADAGASCAR 3

Peacock Kids

Afro Circus I Like to Move it // Madagascar 3 // Subtitulado al Español

Sr. Leo Pardo

Madagascar 3 SoundTrack ● Chris Rock - Afro Circus I Like To Move It